Geothermal to heat and power have been in use for 50 years. Today’s challenges include reducing risk associated with exploration and how to expand this proven technology to additional locations. Areas of research include induced seismicity from fluid injection to expand EGS. Physics based models to make a prediction are complex and machine learning is directly applicable. Well specific enthalpy monitoring is also important to provide real time information and early detection if an injection site is breaking through.

Geothermal is a baseload renewable energy and does not require the traditional renewable energy storage solutions to time shift power for 24/7 coverage. It is also a significantly lower surface footprint versus Solar and Wind which is helpful for more populous areas or for the defense industry.


Over 95% of finished products today comprise some form of chemicals. In a few years, supply disruptions will occur as less hydrocarbon-based feedstocks may be available in the locations or quantities you need. In addition, there are alternative ways to produce the same product or a product with similar attributes, but with a lower carbon intensity. Can you re-design the existing product to the same specifications but in a more environmentally friendly way. Whether you are seeking to map your existing chemical carbon intensity, find alternatives to your feedstocks for supply assurance or re-engineer your products, partner with BiaTech to build your products of the future.

Critical Minerals

The US needs more Lithium for energy security and to continue to produce batteries for vehicles and energy storage. Much of today’s lithium is sourced from or processed in Asia. Partner with BiaTech to extract more minerals from your existing mines, improving your return on investment. We are taking on some big challenges ranging from work on material separation techniques to alternative value chain methods. BiaTech is partnering with terrestrial Metals and Mining companies as well as the new industry of seafloor subsurface polymetallic nodule gathering.


Economies of scale made large scale solar affordable, the challenge remains how to scale enough of it without grid integrity issues and while time shifting to fill demand at night. Many are seeking decentralized power off-grid to independently power high use sites like data centers, mining operations, energy operations, or rural communities. BiaTech will understand your objectives and optimize decision making to reduce emissions and maximize profit.


Energy, Chemistry, Metals & Mining are all vital to establishing interplanetary life. BiaTech is partnering with government agencies and premier contractors to apply new technology in space. We apply knowledge of equipment working in ultra deepwater which is similar to space. Understanding the subsurface will be critical for lunar exploration and habitation. Satellite data is now abundant. Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to draw insights for the data will lead to major breakthroughs. Imagine identifying new mining resources, predicting earthquakes, identifying ideal power sites, applying weather mapping to optimize site power charging and discharging coupling with grid pricing arbitrage. The combination of multiple data sources and AI/ML will have an immediate impact.

Government Services

Today the US government is accelerating technology innovation in many areas. BiaTech is actively pursuing partnerships as a supplier of technology products and services. From the Department of Energy Government labs to Department of Defense base decarbonization, the world is innovating at a whirlwind pace. AI/ML solutions can accelerate technology research, piloting, demonstrations and scale up to empower the US to be the leader of the free world.

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