Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence may be approaching a media frenzy though the technology was used for over a decade. The “hype” is growing for a good reason. AI/ML is transforming how we work. Imagine the traditional process of a chemist taking 1 to 3 months to select what could be the optimal solution. Then another few months to set up a lab experiment, write the procedures, conduct it, and document it only to find it didn’t meet the design criteria. Now image AI/ML testing thousands or millions of potential solutions simultaneously and then assigning probabilities of success or listing the top dozen or hundred solutions. Then going to the lab to validate or refine takes months or even years off the development cycle. Contact us to partner on your next challenging project.

Simulation / Digital Twin

Digital twins and simulation significantly advanced in the last decade. We can now model complex systems, run various scenarios, and optimize systems before they are built or before the next major plant turnaround. Such advances are improving cycle times for production, reducing operating cost, lowering emissions from processes, and allowing for faster modular construction. All power generation and storage sites will be optimized to maximize profit and lower emissions.

Distributed ledger

Blockchain, Ethereum and Web 3.0 are all transforming industry today. Immutable transactions create trust-based exchange without centralized governance. After the evolution of cryptocurrencies into Ethereum and others, DLTs now offer an alternative to conventional banking methods. This same tokenization is applicable to numerous things like carbon trading.

Distributed ledger is now helpful for everything from smart contracts to generating invoices and conditions for settlement, to preventing identity theft, through to tracking embedded carbon in a procurement system.

Power Generation and Energy Storage

BiaTech partners with asset owners, EPCs, and technology companies to deploy and optimize power generation equipment using digital solutions. Many are seeking decentralized power off-grid to independently power high use sites like data centers, mining operations, energy operations, or rural communities. Please contact us to explore opportunities.

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