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We will re-engineer just about everything in the next 30 years.

“This is the greatest opportunity for innovation in human history.” - Bill Gates, Breakthrough Energy

BiaTech will empower your business to thrive through the energy transition. BiaTech leverages our expertise in energy, chemicals, and material science as well as understanding the challenges slowing down industry innovation today.

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Tackle the energy trilemma

Abundant energy for all economies, at an affordable price and with the lowest emissions is an epic challenge. Addressing this quickly without bankrupting developing nations is only addressable by applying digital technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, simulation, digital twin, and distributed ledger to quickly work though physics and chemical models that would have taken many months or even years to try. Key questions are: How can we increase the supply of domestic lithium in the US to achieve energy security? How can we substitute molecules and change processes to lower the embedded carbon in industrial chemicals? Can we advance Geothermal deployment by understanding induced seismicity for potential EGS applications? If hydrocarbon feedstocks are disrupted are there alternative molecules that give similar performance?

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Our Mission & Values

BiaTech is rapidly developing digital technology because we cherish humanity and respect the role energy, chemistry and material science play.

Partnering allows for rapid development of technology, with client research organizations, technology OEMs and digital solution partners. We start by understanding the problem or site conditions and quickly identify solutions.